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What information can you find on this website?

There are:

  1. My Blog pages:

    • On the Blog pages you will find more day to day stories about myselfs, my family life, my travelings, my way of living and where i am living.

    • I hope that you will visit my blog site frequently. By this way I will try to update you with the latest news about me.

      This Web Site and also the Blog Site are quit new, so for the moment there are only still the "standard" pages but any comments about the layout are already welcome now! (I have made this website and all other pages like the blog - contact form and disclaimer pages from scratch).

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  2. Photo’s & Video’s:

    • November 21, 2013: Test pictures are added.

      • Click "HERE" to visit the Photo-Video Web page.

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  3. Solarlog (Photovoltaic follow-up system):

    • After the big re-building works around my house in 2007, I had decided to invest in "Solar Panels", called photovoltaic system or PV System. In Belgium there was that time an campaign ongoing to invest in this kind of "energy saving" projects and the gouverment was heavely supporting this by giving premies on the produced kWh’s (for 20 years) and reductions on the yearly taxations.

    • My photovoltaic system was placed on January 2009 by the firm ALRASOL. To be able to follow-up that system, I had also invested in an datalogging system, SOLARLOG 400e. With that device you can follow-up your PV plant all over the world as it is connected to your local home network and via an router to the internet.

      My PV system (6.81 kWp) is now up and running since January 2009 till ...... I hope for many years.

      For more details about how my PV system is perfoming, including some pictures, please click on the top of this page on "Solarlog".

      UPDATE December 26, 2013: As my property is rented out, the online updating of the data is NOT working due to network issues. The solarlog has been configured to connect on but the renters have a router what has as network address. This I can only update when I will be in Belgium.

      Below an schematic overview of an PV system and the Solarlog 400e device .

    PV System        Solarlog 400e

    1. Solarpanels (Solarworld 227 Wp).
    2. DC to AC transformers (SMA Sunnyboy 3300 TL HC).
    3. PV system Kwh counter (To see how many kWh your PV plant has produced).
    4. Fuse box.
    5. Local in house power socket.
    6. Total kWh counter (from the electricity delivery company).

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